nSaver (Battery Optimization)

Reducing carbon footprint is only one tap away

Many smartphone users may not realize that when the screen times out or when the phone is not in use, apps installed on the devices still wake up every few seconds. It significantly reduces the battery life and wastes energy, especially for 8 out of 10 apps installed, users don’t really use them after first download, accordingly to the user research we’ve done for this project.

The way the nSaver works is to modify the interval that those apps wake up and therefore, a full battery charge can last longer.
Challenges were that the way the backend was laid out forced users one extra step to turn on nSaver, then micro-manage the control to each individual app. And how do they anticipate the apps sorting? By high activity? By name? Also what if there are multiple languages?

All sounds like users research questions. But in a fast paced environment the design was always due yesterday and the clock was ticking to release, we didn’t have time for formal lab testing. Guerilla research came in handy. Luckily it wasn’t hard to find Android users at work and they all work in different disciplines and that brings to us multiple perspectives.

The lead developer sat in the usability testing sessions and it convinced him to work extra hours to redesign the backend logic so there isn’t an unnecessary extra step. With the biggest usability issue resolved, the rest just followed. 

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