Conversion, Conversion, Conversion

Content is the King and Data is the Queen

Tenants' online payment accounts for a generous portion of AppFolio's revenue. The effort was to increase the tenant portal adoption by introducing more users to the sign up the portal and pay their rent online. 

The portal activation email was a plain text email. One of the complaints was tenants thought it was spam and never opened it. The conversion rate was about 16%.

So the first step is to design a more professional looking email that has compelling copy why you want to sign up. We tested 3 versions:

Short Version:
Long Version:
Medium Length:
Now you must be curious, how did they convert?
Short: 20.5%
Long: 17.8%
Medium: 26.5%
All performed better than the baseline.

Now what? Does color of the call to action matter? Let's see.
Four colors was selected and blue was leading the game.

Now, what about the call-to-action copy? Do they even matter?
We did a click test with our customer research panel, and picked the top two copy "Create an Account" and "Activate Now" to A/B test. 

After all the experiments, the email today is performing at a stunning 49.8% conversion. Job well done.

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