Color Management

Help users to learn foreign terminologies

The color adjustment on TV, Mac, and PC was a mystery to me. After I worked on this project and got a crush course on the terminologies of usual suspects: the design challenge became how to educate users about those foreign terminologies and how to encourage them to use the product we were going to build.

After some learnings from the engineering team, I got to know that when you adjust the color value, different color metrics only work well with certain background you are on, for example, if you are on a flower palette image, you cannot tell the difference when adjusting the color preset.

Way to solve it was to hand select some pictures that we think will work for the color metric in real time adjustment. Those photos were well-received in the usability testing and participants rated them as a “design delight”. I got to “donate” the photos I have in my photography portfolio and it was fun to see photos I took were put into good use.

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